Engaged Faculty Fellow


The purpose of the Missouri Campus Compact (MoCC) Engaged Faculty Fellow program is to promote the scholarship of engagement as a rigorous and scholarly form of teaching, research, and professional service in the state of Missouri and across the nation.

One Engaged Faculty Fellow will be selected annually from across the state of Missouri to serve as co-editor for the Journal of Public Scholarship in Higher Education. The Engaged Faculty Fellow will be selected via application process, must be a full-time faculty or staff member at a Missouri Campus Compact member institution with experience in community engagement.  The Fellow will serve for a period of approximately 12 months beginning in January.

2016 Engaged Faculty Fellow

Dr. Alexis Petri

Director of Interdisciplinary Training, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Previous Fellow (2010-2014)

Dr. Emily Donnelli-Sallee

Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Park University