Facing Project

Missouri Campus Compact has formed a new partnership with The Facing Project, a nonprofit that connects people through stories to strengthen communities. The Facing Project was co-founded by Indiana Campus Compact Executive Director, J.R. Jamison, along with New York Times bestselling author Kelsey Timmerman. The Facing Project works with campuses and communities to organize and share the stories of citizens through the talent of local writers and actors. Writers are matched with community members facing the selected topic (depression, hunger, homelessness, disabilities, etc), meet with them face-to-face, and capture their stories in the first-person. The stories are compiled into a book and brought to life on stage through a community theatre event.

Since its founding in 2012, The Facing Project has worked with 30 communities/campuses in eight states and two countries and has been hailed by The Huffington Post as one of three oral history projects to watch. During the 2016-2017 academic year, five Missouri Campuses will each embark on a Facing Project within their local communities. As projects get underway, we will post updates here and on the Facebook page. 

Fontbonne University (Clayton, MO): Facing Undocumented Students and Higher Education

Under the direction of Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Corinne Wohlford and Assistant Professor of Performing Arts Adam Flores, this project will tell the stories of immigration status and access and success.

Missouri State University (Springfield, MO): The Many Faces of Poverty—A Facing Project

Under the direction of Kathy Nordyke from the Center for Community Engagement, this project will tell the stories of a community struggling with severe poverty

Stephens College (Columbia, MO): Facing Difference, Finding Understanding

Under the direction of Dean Gail Humphries Mardirosian of the School of Performing Arts, this project will tell the stories of socially constructed differences and race relations.

University of Missouri—Kansas City (Kansas City, MO): Facing Disabilities

Under the direction of Research Associate Alexis Petri and Graduate Student Laura Hurse from the Institute for Human Development, this project will tell the stories of inclusion from the perspective of those who face disabilities each day.

University of Missouri—St. Louis (Ferguson, MO): Facing Trauma, Youth Resilience, & Healing

Under the direction of Assistant Professor of Social Work Kristen Wagner, this project will tell the stories of those living in Ferguson—both the distress of the community and the powerful ways community members are uniting to better know one another and create a more inclusive, resilient community.